What is Fatwood?

What is Fatwood?

Born from the wood of old pine stumps left for waste after logging, it is made from splitting the stumps of pine trees that contain a high concentration of natural resin. As the stumpwood hardens over time, the resin or sap concentrates to create an all-natural, 100% organic, chemical-free fire starter.

Our Fatwood comes from non-rainforest areas of Central America. It’s part of our dedication to sustainable forestry.  Live trees are never cut for our Fatwood and we harvest only non-endangered pine species.

The stumps are split into sticks approximately 8″ in length and 3/4″ in diameter.  We’ve found this size to be a convenient and ideal size for practically all applications.  Whether using it in the fireplace, the backyard BBQ, a pellet stove, or even in the woods while camping, Fatwood Firestarter is the ideal choice. Yes, all Fatwood is kindling, but not all kindling will ever be Fatwood.

Fatwood is 100% Organic

Fatwood Firestarter consists of two parts:  pinewood and the resin created in the tree; It’s 100% all-natural. As the tree matures, this natural resin moves downward, and slowly collects in the stump over time.

With this high concentration of natural resin, there is simply no need to add chemicals or additives.

Chemical Firestarters

While still often the preferred method for starting fires, most chemical fire starters often release fumes and toxins into the environment. Some of these firestarters often contain gels, waxes, and lighter fluids.  Can you be sure the firestarter you use for your fireplace is not emitting noxious chemicals into the air you breathe? Are you really comfortable eating food cooked over chemicals? We recommend you check the Manufacturer’s Specifications Data Sheets of our competition to know what you’re using. The results may surprise you.

Unlike most products on the market, Fatwood Firestarter can be used in any indoor or outdoor situation. It is a natural, healthier, more environmentally-friendly choice.

Other Types of Firestarters

Other firestarting options include compressed ‘logs’ made of sawdust and chemicals, sticks made from recycled books and chemically-treated pine cones. Many products on the market today are made of waste materials like sawdust that are pressed to form ‘sticks’ and use binding agents to hold their shape.
Kindling products made from natural hardwoods such as cedar are not as easy to light and do not maintain a sustained flame. None of these have the high resin content and water-repellency of Fatwood and certainly not its quick ‘lightability.’

So Why Fatwood?

When you consider the alternatives, is there really any other choice than Fatwood?  It’s 100% natural – no additives, chemicals or messy odors.  It’s important that relaxing in front of the fireplace or grilling a delicious meal is chemical free.

And Fatwood is safe, stable and waterproof. It’s harvested using the latest sustainable forestry techniques and is the best way to get your fireplaces, pellet fuel stoves, grills, wood/coal stoves and campfires really cooking.

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