SCS Certified 100% Reclaimed Material

The removal and recovery of waste such as salvaged wood is essential to reduce pressures on natural forests while striving to meet ever-increasing human demands for wood-based products. To support that commercial demand and encourage responsible practices, SCS Global Services (SCS) has developed the SCS Salvaged Wood & Fiber Standard to recognize, evaluate, and certify good practices for the recovery and reuse of un-utilized wood and other cellulosic biomaterial resources.

Frequently Asked Questions about SCS Certification

What is SCS Certification of Salvaged Wood & Fiber?

The SCS Salvaged Wood & Fiber Program was designed to meet the needs of the marketplace in defining the responsible recovery of un-utilized wood and other cellulosic biomaterial resources. This Standard intends to consider the recognition, evaluation, and verification of sound practices pertaining to the recovery, salvaging, and reuse of such resources.

What does “Reclaimed Material” mean?

Reclaimed material: (FSC definition, modified) Material that demonstrably would have otherwise been disposed of as waste or used for energy recovery, but has instead been collected and reclaimed as input material, in lieu of virgin material, for re-use, recycling, re-milling in a manufacturing process or other commercial application. Inputs of the following product classes are categorized as reclaimed material: a) Post-consumer reclaimed material; b) Pre-consumer reclaimed material.

How is “Salvaged Wood” defined?

SCS defines it as wood that has been felled or downed for reasons other than obtaining its use as a commercial or consumer product, or which was extracted for its use as such product and subsequently lost or abandoned. All SCS salvaged wood must meet one of the input product classes listed in this standard and be legally sourced or legally recovered.

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Pine saplings ready for planting

Our fatwood comes from the stumps of a pine tree related to the longleaf but native to Central America.

These pines are quick-growing, do not occupy rain forest areas, and are a non-endangered species, yielding a product that is sustainable, economically viable and environmentally responsible. By making use of the stumps, we are reducing overall waste while creating a sustainable and safe by-product.

SCS Global Services (SCS) is a leading certifier of forest management operations and wood product manufacturers whose goal is to recognize the highest levels of environmental protection and social responsibility.

Fatwood Firestarter has received certification under the SCS Salvage Wood Program for using 100% reclaimed material for Fatwood Firestarter.