Grilling with Fatwood

Fatwood is Great for Grilling

Fatwood is resin rich pine wood that can be found in pine trees. It is probably the best natural fire starter available and is waterproof, rot-resistant, very flammable and has an indefinite shelf-life.

When it’s time to fire up your grill, you don’t want to use chemicals and other synthetic firestarters with your charcoal. That’s why Fatwood makes the perfect firestarter for your charcoal.

Fatwood is only a firestarter, not firewood. That means you don’t want to grill your food over it. Here’s how to use it properly and start your charcoal quickly.

How to Light your Grill with Fatwood

Because Fatwood is 100% natural with no chemicals or petroleum additives, there’s no chemical smell or taste added to your food.

Use Fatwood with natural lump charcoal and you can cook knowing that no harmful chemicals or toxins are released into your food.

Arrange your favorite lump charcoal or briquettes to form a pyramid. Insert 2 to 3 pieces of Fatwood Firestarter through the pile so that the ends of the wood stick out 1 to 2 inches from the pyramid.
Light the ends of the Fatwood sticks and leave the fire uncovered for 10-15 minutes.
When coals are covered with a thin layer of white ash and the Fatwood sticks have completely burned away, your fire is ready.

What is the Black Smoke?

If you’re unfamiliar with fatwood, you may be surprised by the black smoke it gives off while burning. This is simply the natural resin and nothing to worry about.

That is why we stress that it is a firestarter, meant for lighting your charcoal, not cooking over. Once your fatwood sticks are burned out in 10-15 minutes, you can start putting your food on.

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