Unlike most other fire starters, Fatwood is ideal for any indoor or outdoor situation.  There’s no spilling, no odors, no chance of flare-up and no dangerous toxins to breath. It’s safe and clean and Fatwood has an indefinite shelf-life.  You can use it to start your backyard grill or your indoor fireplace safely and easily, even when wet!

So leave the kerosene-soaked products, the smelly fluids and the sawdust composites to the other guys. When you’re ready to put your fireplace, chimenea, grill or pellet or wood stove into action, grab two sticks of all-natural Fatwood.  That’s all you’ll need.

Fatwood Is Completely Natural – No Additives

Our Fatwood is 100% natural with no chemicals or additives making it a user and environmentally-friendly product. Fatwood is simply wood and the resin naturally found within that very tree, just as Mother Nature intended. When you’re ready to start a fire quickly and easily, grab two sticks of all-natural Fatwood and leave the chemicals and noxious ingredients to the other guys. We’re better than that, and you are too.

Easy to Light

With a higher content of natural resin, our Fatwood is ready to burn, wet or dry. Its naturally rough texture adds surface area, increasing ease of ignition, and the size of the sticks is perfect for stashing in a pack for a camping trip.  All you need is a single match and a couple of Fatwood sticks, it’s literally that simple.