Three Tree Pledge

Every day, we honor the legacy of our founder, Mr. James Davis and his commitment to being better. For the past three generations, our family business has been finding new and innovative ways to create all natural wood products with unrelenting quality, reliable performance and environmental responsibility.

Whether it’s a camping trip, a cookout, or just an evening spent relaxing around a fire, you can trust our products to be easier, safer, and more sustainable. Because no matter what your plans are, BetterWood Products simply makes life better.

The Three Tree Pledge

Wood Products International supports responsible forest stewardship. An important part of this vision is supporting the cause of environmental vitality. Wood products are attractive, durable and renewable. We believe that properly managed forests can last forever.

It is this philosophy that is behind our Three Tree Pledge. The Three Tree Pledge is an ongoing tree planting initiative in cooperation with the National School of Forest Sciences, known as ESNACIFOR (Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Forestales), in Siguatepeque, Honduras. ESNACIFOR manages a 5,550 Ha. pine forest.

The school uses the forest to both educate its students in the methods and techniques of modern day forestry management and to make money to help fund the school and keep it running. Based on the number of trees used in the production of WPI products, we will provide funding to replace each tree used with three healthy seedlings on the ESNACIFOR managed forest.

Pine saplings ready for planting

The wood products industry has changed quite drastically since our family began this business. But even back then, the basics remained consistent. My father believed that ‘making things better’ should not only drive what we do, but also how we live our lives.

We have been a family business for three generations. That means we completely accept our responsibility and role to help protect our resources for many more generations to come.

“When my father started in the lumber business, he believed that making things better should not only drive what we do at Better Wood Products, but also drive how we live our lives. We still believe in those same core tenants, the value of true sustainability and the role that our products play in helping to improve everyday life, both now and in the future.”

-Richard Davis

It’s why we initiated the Three Tree Pledge Program, always strive for 3rd party certification on our products, and are firmly committed to operating in the most sustainable and quality-focused manner.Many years ago, a dedication to build a better wood products business launched our company.

Today, we embrace the same thinking as we move Better Wood Products into the future. We’re expanding our current offering with new wood products and exploring how to make our current products even better.

Today, we still believe in the same core tenants he did. Everyone at BetterWood Products, and many of our suppliers, understand the role our products play in helping to improve everyday life for the better, both now and in the future.